Phishing Simulation and Awareness Solutions

Protecting businesses throughout their lifecycle from email-based attacks; this requires holistic solution platforms covering people, processes and technology. Keepnet Labs has developed 5 platform modules for corporate customers to provide information security solution that meets many criteria such as:

  • Reliability,
  • Compatibility
  • Ease of use
  • Scalibility

These modules are;

· Fishing Simulator,

· Awareness Trainings,

· Email Threat Simulator,

· Threat Intelligence,

· Event Response module.

Keepnet Properties

– Phishing Simulation: You can test your end users with the most common attacks of today, phishing attacks.

– Training Module: HTML5 training contents, video animation contents, quiz module

– Supplementary Resources: Poster, tip document, etc. content with supporting resources.

– Suspicious Email Outlook Plugin: Allows users to report when they receive a suspicious email installed in the Outlook desktop program. It enables IT teams to detect attacks early and take action. (A master license is required for deletion and analysis.)

– Additional Module Features of Keepnet Cloud;

– Email Threat Simulator: A solution that tests your IT infrastructure, simulates current threats and reports weaknesses.

– Incident Responder: A module that converts your users into security software, allowing you to intercept suspicious emails while reporting in your inbox.

– Threat Intelligence: It is the module that offers you the passwords that your users have registered and lost using the company e-mail address. (Threat Intelligence comes free with these modules.)

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