Personal Data Management System

Personal data needs to be continuously managed within the organization around the data life cycle. Personal data is constantly increasing, changing, shared data. Therefore, it is not possible to manage this process with one-off studies. As a result of the analysis studies, personal data inventory for the organization should be established and all details about this data inventory should be defined and followed up. This system is preferred to be integrated with technical solution measures is important in terms of efficiency.

The personal data management system consists of the following titles.

 • Personal data inventory

This inventory, which was created after the legal consultancy process, needs to be updated due to the developments in the institution processes.

• Data Discovery

It is the discovery process in the presence of the created data inventory.

• Data Managers, Authorization

The data identifiers assigned to the corporate identity responsibility and the authorization definitions on the data.

• Personal data sharing

These are the processes in which the policies established for personal data sharing are defined, monitored and managed.

• Demand Management

It is the system of registering and managing incoming requests (information and / or actions) related to personal data.

• Open Consent Management

It is the system in which the clear consents received regarding the personal data stored and / or processed are managed.

• Data Retention Management

The processes and methods related to the storage of stored personal data are determined and managed.

• Legal Information Glossary

It is a dictionary created to enlighten the people who use the processes related to legal legislation.

•           Risk management

It is the system where the risks arising from the personal data stored and / or processed are managed.

• Compliance Management

It is the system that allows the monitoring of the compatibility of the processes related to the personal data.

• Event Management

It is the system that enables the management of the events occurring in demand management processes according to the recording processes.

• Disposal Management

It is the system that provides monitoring and part management of the destruction processes of the data to be destroyed due to demands and / or durations.

Sentra works with Kybele for Personal Data Inventory Management System. To find out more about Kybele, you can click the relevant tab on our website or contact the Sentra sales channel directly.