Mobile End Point Security (OS, Network and mobile Apps)

The perimeter has disappeared. Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from cloud services outside of traditional security protections. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to endpoints, and establish continuous conditional access to data based on risk.

“Gartner predicts that 80% of worker tasks will take place on a mobile device by 2020.”


Post-perimeter security is the new architecture

Each element of post-perimeter security works together to enable enterprises to protect data from threats and risks present on endpoints. Through continuous conditional access, it enables enterprises to constantly assess device health and allow employees to authenticate to corporate resources over any network. This works across all of your organizations’ endpoints while protecting employee privacy.

Many organizations are now embracing the use of smartphones and tablets to increase productivity in the workplace, and as more sensitive data goes mobile, your organization’s security policies must extend to your mobile endpoint devices. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce that risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

The success of Lookout’s personal and enterprise mobile endpoint products has given us visibility into over 170 million mobile devices worldwide. This unparalleled visibility into devices, apps, networks, and OS firmware allows us to continuously adapt our machine learning technologies to detect emerging threats with high fidelity.

Protection from app-based risks

Apps are the predominant way that sensitive data is accessed on mobile devices, with risks spanning across both iOS and Android. Lookout’s app analysis technology is powered by intelligence from over 70 million iOS and Android apps, giving you visibility into app-based risks such as:

  • Trojans and spyware that can exfiltrate data from the device
  • Vulnerabilities in app data transfer and storage
  • Risky app behaviors that pose a compliance risk
  • Sideloaded apps that bypass official app stores

Protection from device-based risks

If the device is compromised with software vulnerabilities, the built-in security of the operating system can be bypassed. Lookout creates a fingerprint of each mobile device and compares it against the 170 million devices in our security platform to identify anomalies and risks, such as:

  • Behavioral anomalies
  • Advanced root or jailbreak
  • Out-of-date operating systems
  • Device configuration risks

Protection from network-based risks

Often taking the form of a man-in-the-middle attack, these network threats are typically executed by spoofing a Wi-Fi hotspot to intercept network traffic and decrypt sensitive data. By analyzing network connections from our global sensor network, we effectively mitigate false positives while detecting high impact threats, including:

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Host certificate hijacking
  • SSLStrip attacks
  • TLS protocol downgrades

Protection for corporate data

Access to corporate data should be granted based on an assumption of zero trust and the continuous assessment of an endpoint’s health. Lookout Continuous Conditional Access works behind the scenes, dynamically monitoring the health of the endpoint while the user is connected to the enterprise. Lookout allows only trusted devices to connect to enterprise infrastructure and data, for both managed and unmanaged deployments.

Protect access to your enterprise when devices are out of compliance due to:

  • Lack of compliance with customizable policies set by MES administrator
  • Device, apps, network, or firmware identified as risky by Lookout Security Cloud
  • Vertical specific risks from apps accessing and sharing regulated content

Protection from web and content threats

Majority of threats on mobile originate from a phishing attack. The Lookout phishing and content protection solution can easily be added and works seamlessly with Mobile Endpoint Security.

Sentra works with Lookou5 for Mobile End Point Security. For more information about Lookout Mobile End Point Security solutions, which is the leading company in the field, you can use the relevant tab on our website or contact the Sentra sales team.