Enterprise Mobility MDM/MAM Solutions

MTD / MARS (Mobile Threat Defense – Mobile Application Reputation Solution – Mobile Application Reputation Solution)

The data contained in the end users’ mobile devices in the company is a risk due to mobile devices. In order to ensure the security of these risks, mobile device operating systems also need solutions to defend against threats. Along with mobile threat defense, end-user mobile devices can be secured in foreign networks where they are connected while they are outside corporate networks. Detection of the leakage of the data by means of harmful applications on the device can be realized.

With the mobile application reputation solution, measures can be taken against possible threats or data leaks by following the movements of the applications in end user mobile devices. These motion streams allow measures to be taken to the data processing department when providing reports on threats.

With MTD / MARS Solution;

  • Companies can provide security against network attacks on end-user mobile devices. Data leakage can be detected by entering traffic between devices connected to unknown networks.
  • Analysis of the applications of operating systems outside of global stores (Google, Apple, etc.) can be analyzed and any access is restricted in case of a threat.
  • Security of identity information such as keys and certificates on mobile devices can be provided.
  • Security measures can be taken by detecting the sensors on the device without using user information.
  • Access to the areas where personal data is kept on the user device can be monitored and access to threat applications can be reported.
  • Detailed analysis reports are given for applications in global stores, which application accesses to which data, where data is transferred, which perceptors are used and so on. security reports are provided.
  • If Mobile operating system is up-to-date and security vulnerabilities can be detected.
  • By means of identifying overruns through the mobile device, access to internal resources can be blocked by integrations.

The MTD / MARS Solution is provided to the IT departments technically;

1. Security Threat Panel

a. Monitoring of threats

b. Device inventory

c. Reporting potential threats

2. Device and Application Panel

a. Detection of applications containing threats through the device

b. Detection of device-based threats such as Jail-break / Root

c. The threat of unknown source applications

3. Policies

a. Writing security policies for threats

b. Taking actions in case of threats and integrations

MTD / MARS Features;

• App. based threat protection

• Network based threat protection

• Device based threat protection

• Custom threat policies

• Threat dashboard

• Data leakage control from apps.

• Risky apps dashboard

• Custom policies for risky apps

• App. blacklisting

• Enterprise app. review