Data Discovery

Companies of every size constantly face the threat of hackers looking to steal their various types of sensitive data and sell it to the highest bidder on the dark web. For this reason, the discovery and securing of personal data has never been more important. 

According to the reports, organizations are struggling with uncontrolled data growth. Risk-aware and cost-conscious organizations realize they need a better understanding of their data in order to:

  • Effectively reduce the risk and inefficiencies buried in unstructured data
  • Better manage data in line with governance and policies
  • Provide better access to unstructured data

Accurately locating all your sensitive data creates a foundation for effective data security. Identify all your sensitive data with zero false positives in cloud servers, fileshares, databases, and emails-including structured and unstructured data.

Reduce your sensitive data footprint and prevent data leaks by securing data at its source. Automate protection policies for real time visibility and control of personal data, PII, PCI, ePHI, intellectual property or any data unique to your organization.

Integrate with any existing DLP technologies and respond to data security threats in real time before they reach the perimeter. Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, ITAR, HITECH, SOX, EU GDPR and other regulations.

Sentra is in partnership with Spirion and MicroFocus which have many important references in the world about discovering sensistive data for security purposes. You can use our website’s resources tab for Spirion and MicroFocus solutions or you can directly call the Sentra sales channel.

Key Benefits

Find 100% of your sensitive data, classify and protect it.

The solution trengthens existing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions by accurately discovering, classifying and protecting sensitive data at the source.  Data stored anywhere, in any format, and at any time—from PII, PCI, ePHI data to company confidential information.

Reduce your sensitive data sprawl by 99.5% or more. Reduce the risk of a breach or mishandling of data. Operationalize data classification policies and controls to meet compliance requirements. Unlock the effectiveness of existing and future data protection investments without unnecessary business disruption.

Accurately locate all your sensitive data and intellectual property (IP) Accurately discover and classify 100% of your sensitive data in documents, images and files; whether stored on desktops, laptops, servers or in the cloud. Get real time visibility you need into 100% of your sensitive and confidential data.

Comply with regulations Meet the specific requirements put on your business for the handling of sensitive data, be it HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, FERPA, GLBA, ITAR, HITECH, SOX, EU GDPR or other regulations. Accurately and effectively find regulated data and automate enforcement of compliance controls around both storage and handling of this data.

Attack sensitive data sprawl and stop data leaks at the source Reduce data sprawl by 99.5% or more.  Real time visibility and control of all your sensitive data eliminates risk at its root cause by identifying all of your sensitive data copies, remediating and controlling them, and preventing unneeded creation and sharing of new ones.

Open APIs for enterprise-wide effectiveness. Deploy the solutions across the entire organization cost effectively and easily. Remediate risk as it happens and as data spreads leveraging solutions’ highly accurate data discovery, persistent classification and real time monitoring to unlock the effectiveness and realize the ROI on other security investments such as Gateway DLP and encryption, without false positives or business disruption

Operationalize data classification policies and controls Automate the discovery, classification and protection of data at rest and in use. Operationalize your data protection policies and controls without over-dependence on users and without unnecessary disruption of business.

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